You are your own gym

A few weeks back I was show an exercise app on a mobile phone called ‘You are your own gym‘.

Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data

Basically the app is to get you into shape using common things around the house without the need for expensive exercise equipment. Or the need to join a gym. As the app states ‘you are your own gym’.

I don’t have a lot of time on my hands these days and going to the gym for 2 hours is simply out of the question.

The person who showed me the app is currently on week 8. I’m on week 2 now and I have to save week 1, day 4 killed me! I had no problem getting through the upper body exercises but working out quickly revealed my weaknesses – my legs. My butt and upper thighs actually hurt. They hurt so bad to the point it’s hard to sit up and down!

Despite the pain I’m loving this app. I’m going to continue on and charge through to the end of the novice program (yeah I know…  novice, try not to laugh so hard). After that I then can graduate to a higher level with more complex workouts.

When you first start the app it can be a bit disorienting. I starting the 10 week program on novice level. Each day has 36 minutes of exercising broken down into four 8 minute workouts. You then are told to do 1 rep of the exercise – be that a push-up or leg squat. After pressing the ‘completed reps’ buttons you rest for a couple of seconds. After that you do 2 reps, then rest, then 3 reps, rest and then 4 reps. After 4 reps you rest a little longer and then go back to 3 reps and then 2 reps, etc, etc.

I highly recommend this app and I’ve already got some of my other friends using it.

I’m using the iOS version of the app and I’ve seen the Android version. They both look identical except that the iOS version has videos of the exercises while the Android version only has images – sorry guys. Maybe this will change with an update in the future.

So all you people out there – get into shape…  yes that includes me!  🙂

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