Responsive web design

I’m sure you’ve heard of it and if you haven’t you will, Responsive web design is the future of things to come.

When mobile browsing was introduced the world thought best to create two versions of a website. A desktop one and a mobile one. It seemed like a good idea at the time but as it turns out it was short lived.


Then along came Ethan Marcotte with an article titled “Responsive Web Design” and so it was born. Why create two different sites when you could have one site that changed or responded to the user’s browser experience? Whether it be desktop, iPad or mobile you website would be cross format compatible.

As you know I developed websites so its in my best interest to learn this new technology and that’s my new excitement. Just when I thought I had it all figured out I have some more learning on my plate. But I love it! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.


Oh sure I’ve used JavaScript plugins to facilitate the sites I’ve worked on but now it’s time to look under the hood and right my own code from scratch. We’ll look back on this in a few years and think “Wow, people used to write code that wasn’t responsive? How Stone Age!”

btw… ┬áthe site theme I’m using is┬áresponsive. Try it, resize the screen if you are on a desktop.

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