Remote db connection software

I use a few remote db connection tools to access the MySQL databases that run the websites I create. There are plenty of them out there but I used these three on a daily bases:

NewAdvancedFilterSince I code on the Mac about 95% of the time Sequel Pro is my main staple. I like Sequel Pro because just about everything can be done in one window. The biggest draw back is that it doesn’t have data transfer between databases. It’s clean fast and simple. Searching for text in the fields is easy without anything complicated getting in the way.


HeidiSQL is the my choice on Windows. The problem I find is just trying to find anything. The search is complicated and the sorting is complex. It’s powerful but I find the impressive features get in the way of using it. It’s free though so it makes it the choice of many. HeidiSQL claims to have a data transfer feature but I have yet to make it work.


Navicat for MySQL is the one I like the least but has the feature the other two are missing. I paid full pop for it just based on it’s data transfer feature. I use it all the time and it’s rock solid. If you need to move tables from one server to another this is your puppy! The reason I don’t really use it for general db purposes is that every table opens in a new floating window. After using it for 15 min you have half your tables open and you spend a lot of your time just in window management.

Let me know of any db tools you use to get the job done. I’m always looking for something better.


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