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Kraft dinner

So there I am making Kraft Dinner for the kids and I think to myself, maybe I should add salt to the noodles while they are boiling.

To be perfectly honest I don’t recall whether the box says to add salt to the water but I know I’ve read that somewhere. And you know how some things stick… So I always add salt when I boil noodles.

Salt shaker

So why do we add salt… I dunno, cause someone told me to. After searching on google I came up with this:

“The salt adds flavor, but it also helps reduce the gelation of the starch in the pasta. The starch in food is the form of microscopic grains. When these grains come into contact with water, they will trap some of it (think cornstarch in cold water), but when the water is hot they swell up like balloons and merge with each other, and you have starch gelation.”


“Aside from the flavor implications of adding salt, salty water has a higher boiling point than pure water, so you can cook whatever you are boiling at a higher temperature. The more salt, the higher the boiling point, up to the limit of a fully saturated solution.”

Both of these quotes were taken from:

I don’t know how true either one of these quotes are but that’s not the point of this blog.

The real story here is how I’ve devised a clever way of getting the salt in the water. Ok, I know it’s not rocket science but just think: The problem is you have boiling water steaming up into the air. When you move the salt shaker over the boiling pot the steam can clog your salt shaker and make a mess of it. Now call me crazy but that bugs me.

So how do I overcome this potential disaster? I shake some salt into the Kraft Dinner box first! With the noodles in it, of course. That way no salt shaker in my house has a gooey mess on the top of it.

I told this amazing story to my friend and he said “You know I just sprinkle the salt into my hand and drop it in that way”. Touché my friend but I don’t care to burn my hands with steam! 

Every time I make Kraft Dinner and do my little salt trick I pat myself on the back; Well done Steve, well done.



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